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Updated: Jul 12, 2019

This post is quite different from the kind of work that we have done. Stylist’s job is not only limited to the glamorous part of the industry. Its as vast as any field. Here is one assignment that was part of our college work.

Visual Merchandisers-Anshula jain | Tarini Bhatia

It was a difficult task in making this show window a success.

Challenges faced:

- Everything was measured, whether it was a box, mannequins, cards, or skirts.

- Daily sitting with the labour working on the box, or getting the box painted was very draining.

- The kind of lights that should be used also mattered a-lot, whether it will be a red, white or light warm light became a difficult choice.

- Placement of the mannequin upside down  inside the box  was way too difficult.

- Coming up with an idea is one thing but actually getting those elements rightly made was very difficult.

Over all it was a great learning experience. 



With the idea of playing cards making the upper body of the mannequin, two Queens are portrayed. Styling the entire display in a complete Lanvin style with one colour theme- Red was the chosen colour. Using shoe boxes, white mannequins, upside down placement and logo in black with a white background are some of the elements taken from the brand. The main products displayed are the bag, shoes and skirts. An element of surrealism is added using imagination by converting the playing card in a real life mannequin  and position one of the two upside down just like the cards can be played with both the sides.  Lighting was white for the basic background with two red spotlights to match the theme.


Stay tuned and keep following this space for more.










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