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We all have our perceptions about this territory and it usually is coloured because of what we hear. If you have a similar, negative or not so positive image in your head when you first read the post, then you should definitely take a while and read it further.

So, Hello Guys!

We recently did styling for another shoot with The Uncommonsense films, called “When South Delhi meets DLF Mall of India”.

The title in itself is a description of what we have been up to. To throw some light, we styled four people who were representing the popular South Delhi people and our entire theme was carefully watched to ensure we style in the same manner .

We loved styling for this shoot because of the liberty we had to experiment with the styling and also because we Delhi people have some sort of fascination with South Delhi for its grandeur feeling (You know it’s true!)

We styled a young South Delhi girl, a woman, A cool south Delhi brat and a chauffeur. Since the entire shoot was shot in broad day light, we had the freedom to choose from diverse range of colours.

We styled the girl with a solid bodycon dress in a shade of grey paired with a light blazer and a sling bag with coffee in hand, to keep the classiness intact and also to balance the entire look.

Styling for the woman was again simple with chic, high class base with denim kurta with pants and oxidised silver jhumkas to add to the edgy look.

For the cool boy, we picked the usual yet perfect checked shirt along with nerdy glasses to add a dash of coolness as per the theme. The chauffeur on the other hand was styled with classy safari suit to reflect the luxurious feel.

Styling definitely is fun and there is good scope for experimenting, but it also brings a huge responsibility on us as stylists to serve the theme and concept without any fault. Every experience for styling has been a unique experience for us with a lot of fun, unlearning and learnings happening which we thoroughly enjoy and which also helps us to grow in our work with every styling series.

Have a look at the final video and enjoy the concept and styling and let us know what you think about it!


Stay tuned and keep following this space for more.









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