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London Fashion Week

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

The most prominent fashion weeks are held in the fashion capitals of the world, with the "Big Four" receiving the majority of press coverage being New York, London, Milan, and Paris. 

Since London is one of them , we couldn't afford to miss it. Yes, dream of attending LFW came true and we couldn't be more thankful to London School of trends to make this happen. 

Gorgeous collections, gorgeous models, gorgeous crowds—fashion shows are like one big glamorous party, right?  Well...not quite. From the front row, yes, fashion shows seem like an effortlessly chic way to bring together models, designers, celebrities, editors, and of course the latest styles. But have you ever wondered what goes on backstage? 

Down below is our personal experience on how backstage really works and reviews on few designer's collection. 

Let's start with the first designer ; Dee by Dalia.

The collection was electric. Where we saw sequins, tweed, printed jersey with ruffles and sheer dresses. Highly feminine silhouettes and shapes were also showcased. 

Moving on to the next designer: MIMI Tran

Absolutely loved her collection.  Mimi Tran presented her A/W18 collection Entitled as Snowflake. Gold and silver detailing carried the snowflake theme and added an extra glint of shimmer to the amazing pieces. A standout couture bridal gown led the final runway walk for the collection.

The third designer was : Apujan 

He exhibited the latest Autumn/Winter 2018 collection “Drifting in A Million Stars”. The jacquard, prints and natural draping create silhouettes that are timeless. They interpreted as retro or as futuristic. We can see space, stars, orbital tracks, astronauts, stellar clouds, spaceships, sheep, trains and paper plane. His collection was unique leading the audience mesmerized with the his show.

Last Designer whose show we attended was: Rocky Star

The Grand Temple was Rocky Star most luxurious collection yet, with Olivia Buckland closing the show.  Taking inspiration from his rich Indian heritage, his collection is flooded with deep purples, burgundies, and ocean blues with extravagant gold adornment hand sewn with careful details.


Moving on to our experience being backstage. 

The truth is, despite the glam factor, fashion shows are one of the most demanding events to produce.

Behind the scenes, there’s an army of people working day and night to make sure the show goes off without a hitch. It takes months and months of preparation and tons of hard work. In fact, the planning for the next fashion show begins as soon as the last one ends! 

Even Carolina Herrera admitted fashions shows aren’t all glitz and glam. As she told Vogue, “The fashion shows are so fabulous, but you go backstage and you see what is really happening: You see the work.”

Most of the big stuff, like the stage construction, lighting, and sound, are set up well in advance. But the moments before the show are a flurry of last-minute activity and, well, madness. Organized madness, but madness nonetheless.

So, what really happens behind the scenes of a fashion show?  

- Quick Fixes : Even though designers have been preparing for months in advance, there are always last-minute fixes. Stylists work under pressure to make sure everything is absolutely perfect, even if that means hemming a skirt moments before a model walks onto the runway or quickly scoring a pair of slippery heels. 

- Last Minute Changes: A fashion show is a whole lot of unknowns. Sometimes models are late. Or, they show up late and covered in glitter and hairspray from a previous show and need to be cleaned up and re-done in a matter of minutes. And sometimes, models don’t show up at all because they got an offer from a bigger name.

- A Whole Lot of Running Around : When it comes to fashion shows, timing is everything. And if that means a model has to run to the catwalk to make sure she’s in line or sprint backstage (in 5-inch heels, no less) to change outfits before she’s due to walk again, well, that’s just another day at the office. Fashion weeks are even more hectic. Sometimes models will have to crisscross the city to get from one show to the next, leaving mere minutes to get scrubbed clean and start all over again.

- Photographs Galore : Backstage is always packed with models, designers, managers, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, publicists, and other fashion elite who are there to ensure a fabulous show. Oh, and then you also have to squeeze in a few dozen photographers who are all jostling to document the big event.

Apart from all this hassle, the best thing is that you get to learn a lot. Being a stylist it is necessary to understand how things work. From labeling  clothes to taking care of each garment till the show ends is important. Another best thing that happened was that i got to meet the stylist of the show , Joe Toronka. Meeting him and talking to him was actually very helpful. That's one of the advantages working backstage.

Following are few backstage pictures  and videos :


Stay tuned and keep following this space for more.









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