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Sunday Style Brunch

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

We recently assisted our faculty , Ajay Bhist who was the show choreographer and  stylist at Sunday Style Brunch held at Pullman, Powered by Pearl Academy.

It was a brunch at Pullman, New Delhi Aerocity whose glamour quotient was doubled up by the fashion show presented by Pearl Academy's alumni Ankit Manglani @kalpana, Ankit Singla Punjla, Deepika Aggarwal dhāāri, Disha Makkar Chrkha, Pallav Chaudhary HOUSE OF SHIBORI, Shivani Chaudhary @orcr, Srishti Gandhi Abhisri, Sumiran Kabir Sharma Anaam and Swati Bhatia @swaroop.

Here are a few pictures from the show followed by a brief about our backstage experience that we would like to share:  

Working backstage has always been our thing and am sure you guys out there might be wanting the same.  But , let me tell you if you are thinking about volunteering at Fashion Show so you can get all the insights, it's probably a good idea. But if you have similar expectations as we had, here is what you need to know from our personal experience:

– First, you should realize you will probably be required to wear all black. Not like cute all black, not like little black dress, and not like biker-chick-chic — more like black comfortable shoes and clothing you could climb a fence in, because there's a possibility you will have to climb a fence if someone with a headset asks you to.

– Which leads me to my second point — people with headsets rule all. I have no explanation for this, but if you see a headset, obey any and all commands.

– You will probably do a lot of standing around and waiting. Then a lot flustered rushing. And then a lot of cleaning, packing, and organizing. Not to mention heavy lifting, running, ushering, and steaming. Trust me, you will eventually start sweating from all of the rigorous physical activity. GLAMOUROUS.

– I hope you comfortable with nudity, as it's most likely naked models will be present, waiting for you to stick pasties on their nipples. (Yes, we did that.)

Phew! I hope our little “experiences” don't deter you too much — Fashion Shows do give you an  awesome experience and it's fun to feel like you are helping put on the show. Just prepare yourself.


Stay tuned and keep following this space for more.

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